Uniting thousands of dance music lovers from around the globe, start planning your escape to the tropical paradise of Panama as we return to Figali Plaza for the fourth annual The Day After Festival this January 15th-17th. Whether you’re a first-timer to the forthcoming 2016 edition or a seasoned dance floor veteran, there are so many reasons to travel to the beautiful Republic of Panama. Just in case you needed a reminder, here are nine reasons why you’ll love your stay in Panama…

Easy and Affordable

Everyone loves a good bargain. In fact, The Economist recently published a study that found Panama City to be one of the ten least expensive cities in the world! In most cases, destinations touting a similar natural beauty to Panama usually come with a big price tag. But since the Republic is still on an upward expansion, its prices are unparalleled in the realm of exotic international travel.

Panama City, city center skyline and Bay of Panama, Panama, Central America

The City

Ever on the rise, Panama City is hands-down the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America. As a thriving center for international banking and trade, Panama City has a beautifully constructed and expansive skyline, making the city #45 in the world ranking count of high-rise buildings.

Modern skyscrapers in Panama City

The Hotels

Panama City is home to many world-class resorts and hotels and the best part of that is you can stay in them without breaking the bank. Check out our travel packages on the reservation portal to see how you can get a great deal on an awesome hotel!

Silhouette of girls making heart shapes with their hands

The Beaches

Panama has several hundred islands where you can just sit back, relax and soak up the sun. Whether you’re in the mood for a Caribbean beach or a Pacific one, there are many options to choose from including famous resorts such like Coronado and Contadora. Come and see why several travel channels list the Panama beaches as some of the best in the world.

Panama Seafood

The Cuisine

Much like the cost effectiveness of travel and hotel, there are plenty of places to eat in Panama where your meal will be only a few dollars. But, even if you are watching your budget, you can still dine at several nice restaurants in Panama without breaking the bank. And with the Republic being a melting pot of cultures, you have a wide variety of cuisine to choose from – especially in the seafood department!

Cruise ship enters the Miraflores lock in the Panama Canal. Early morning on a beautiful sunny day in Panama.

The Panama Canal

There is no way you can miss seeing the 8th wonder of the world during your stay in Panama. Coming in at about fifty miles long, the interoceanic Panama Canal is the country’s biggest attraction — we mean that quite literally too. You can hop on a transit tour and share water with an 80,000-ton cargo freighter or check out the engineering marvel from about a half dozen spots in or around the capital like the Calzada de Amador, the four-story Miraflores Lock Visitor Center, and the Balboa Yacht Club.

Island in the archipelago of San Blas

San Blas Island

Panama has some the world’s most incredible beaches and you can get a taste of real paradise when you spend the night in a private beach hut on your own stretch of San Blas Island. Enjoy every nautical activity and eat local fare freshly prepared and caught right from the beach you lay on. Message info@unity.travel to book your private island and extend your stay in Panama after or before the festival.

Panoramic view of the volcano crater of El Valle de Anton, Panama

Unlimited Adventures

Panama has many choices for any type of adventure seeker. You can enjoy rafting and kayaking on rivers that provide up to 20 sets of rapids in one afternoon, take an ocean-to-ocean hike across the Isthmus through dense jungle, go mountain trekking, horseback riding, rappelling, bird watching, diving and snorkeling, and not to mention fishing — PiƱas Bay holds over 170 world fishing records.

Fireworks over main stage at The Day After Festival 2015. Photo by Rukes.

Day After Festival

You can’t make a list of reasons to love Panama without mentioning The Day After. Thousands from the Americas and Europe will descend along the beautiful shores of Panama for the return of the festival at Figali Plaza making it Latin America’s #1 destination festival. Join us in the Day After to celebrate the new year and live the adventure of a lifetime as our nights are soundtracked by top-tier headliners from around the world!