Fall In Love With Panamá

Though it was discovered in 1519, Panamá gained complete independence in 1999. Over the past 15 years, Panamá, moreover Panamá City, has gone from being a proverbial blank slate to becoming a world-class metropolitan and destination for architecture, unbridled sporting activities, tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain landscapes, Caribbean and Pacific beaches with more than a 1,000 islands, and an eclectic clash of cultures. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll fall in love with the Republic of Panamá.

Paradise Beaches

Panamá has several hundred islands where you can just sit back, relax and soak up the sun. Whether you’re in the mood for a Caribbean beach or a Pacific one, there are many options to choose from including famous resorts such like Coronado and Contadora. Come see why several travel channels list the beaches in Panamá as some of the best in the world.

Cost Effective

Who doesn’t love a good bargain in today’s economy? In most cases, destinations touting a similar natural beauty to Panamá usually come with a big price tag. But since the Republic is still on an upward expansion, its prices are unparalleled in the realm of exotic travel. In fact, The Economist recently published a study that found Panamá City to be one of the ten least expensive cities in the world!

Best Eco-Tourism

To experience the beauty of mother nature, you need not look any further than Panamá. The Republic’s rainforests are home to over 900 different bird species, which is more than those in Canada and the United States combined. You can also indulge in the many ecolodges around the country. Instead of getting a hotel in the city, you can spend a few days deep in the heart of various at eco-tourism landmarks.

A Melting Pot of Culture

As the gateway to North and South America, the Republic of Panamá is rich in an abundant amount of cultures including seven Indian tribes that still inhabit the country. Often featured on National Geographic and Discovery Channel, these tribes are a great way to learn about the Republic’s indigenous roots. The best part is that the tribes are really friendly and are excited to share their culture and their way of living with visitors.

World-Class Adventures

Panamá has many choices for any type of adventure seeker. You can enjoy rafting and kayaking on rivers that provide up to 20 sets of rapids in one afternoon, take an ocean-to-ocean hike across the Isthmus through dense jungle, go mountain trekking, horseback riding, rappelling, bird watching, diving and snorkeling, and not to mention fishing – Piñas Bay holds over 170 world fishing records.